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Received the dumbwaiter on Wednesday. Saturday, I set to installing it. Couldn't find any help, so I did it by myself. If anyone asks, it took me about 4 hours to install the dumbwaiter, complete the wiring and have it up and running. It took some planning. I nailed 2x4's to the inside walls about 8' above the second floor. Then spanned the shaft with another 2x4. I used a chain hoist (manual) to lift the middle section into the shaft to about 7' from the basement floor. To attach to the section, I used a piece of chain with hooks at both ends and hooked under the bottom of the section into the tube steel.

After lifting the middle section up, I slid the bottom section under it, then lowered the middle section back down. The top section was light enough and at a good height so that I could just lift it into place (after removing my chain hoist rig).

Attached the chain, did some wiring, installed the car, etc. and it works like a charm.

I think this is a wonderful product and can't wait to finish the house and use it regularly. If you have any other potential customers in Oklahoma City, feel free to give them my name as a reference.

Thanks again for the prompt shipping.


Sam Smith

Dear John,

I wanted to write to you and tell you just how pleased I am with your Power Lift! I have just finished installing it and everything went very well. The first story unit is located in a butler's pantry off the kitchen and the second story unit is in our walk in closet. My wife, Karen, uses it to transport laundry and other miscellaneous stuff to the second story. Firstly, I am impressed by your service. It was very straightforward to get the details worked out for the specifications and it was actually built and delivered when you said it would be!! That's a miracle in this world today and a first in our remodeling experience! I also want to thank you again for the second set of magnetic switches for the safety locks on the doors. I installed double doors to match the cabinetry in the rooms and they look great! Second, it installed according to plan without a surprise ... another new and refreshing experience! I did all of the installation myself, with the exception of lowering the middle unit from the second story, when I needed my son to help me. Third, and most important, it works like a charm!! l want to tell you that this had been one thing that was important to my wife in our remodeling plans. And she is having just a great time using it and it is the highlight of her day when she can show it off to her friends! Finally, the price was so affordable! Our contractor wanted $10,000 to do this for us and I just couldn't see spending that for a dumbwaiter. My wife, however, had a different opinion, and I was in the doghouse until I found your unit on the internet. Not only was it designed better than the one proposed by the contractor, but it was 1 /3 the cost! I just had to share these thoughts with you. I also own my own business, and I know that anything that is a problem comes through loud and clear. But, when something goes right, we don't often take the time to tell someone about it and simply say "Thanks!". So, in this case where so much went right.. .. THANKS!!!


Theodore F. Bolles

Woodbury, MN

Dear David:

In January, I ordered a dumbwaiter from your company.  In is now installed and working beautifully.  My contractor said that the installation was as uncomplicated as you all claim. Dealing with you all was also uncomplicated.

Thank you.

Connie Ward

In 2000, my wife and I retired and built our two story dream home near the ocean. In order to take advantage of the all the great views, we designed our home so all the major living area including the kitchen, would be upstairs. We soon realized that carrying all our groceries and supplies up the stairs was not a good idea and we decided to put in a dumbwaiter. Since our contractor did not have any experience in installing a dumbwaiter, we went online and found Powerlift dumbwaiters and purchased the upgraded model. That was 10 years ago and since then it has been a god sent. It also has been extremely reliable and in the past 10 years we have only had two issues. Five years after installation , we had a major power outage and the lift was not stopping in the correct position. When I called, they spent a good deal of time on the phone with me walking me through the problem and showing me how to correct the problem. They also explained other features at the same time so I could correct them if they ever came up. Now 10 years after the unit was installed the door switch broke and they were not only courteous and helpful but sent the replacement part in the mail which I received after only two days. Very rarely do you find a company who has the customer service and support of their products like Powerlift does. I am very satisfied and have recommended them to all my friends who are in the same situation. I also have told my contractor if he ever has a request from customers to install a dumbwaiter he can send them to us so we can testify to how well the companies products are and would recommend Powerlift dumbwaiters to anyone. Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation to any of your customers.


Thanks for a great product and support


Dennis Price

Crescent City CA   

Hi Dave,

After having a sinus infection that went into bronchitis,  I sure didn't feel like doing laundry.  That's all behind me and I had to a chance to finally use  " the hanger bar", which I have named it.  Thank you so much,  here is my testimony on "the Hanger Bar".  I don't know what you charge for the Hanger Bar but it sure is worth every cent.

I've had my Powerlift dumbwaiter for 8 years and could not live in a 2 story home without it.  However, it was lacking one thing,  a hanger bar to get those recently pressed items upstairs without getting wrinkled. Something that I could hang newly ironed clothes from and not fold them to get them upstairs. I told Dave that a  dumbwaiter bar to hang clothes was on my wish list and he immediately mentioned the clothes hanger that can be added to the dumbwaiter.  Well, I didn't even know this efficient little bar even existed !!   What a great accessory to the Powerlift Dumbwaiter.

I now have the "hanger bar" attached to my dumbwaiter and I could not be happier.  This "hanger bar" has made life so much easier.   Pressed clothing can be put on hangers in my laundry room and sent upstairs where my closet is located.  Since slacks, capris and some skirts and even dresses are a bit longer, I just throw them over the bar and let them hang new wrinkles.   This hanger bar has made my life so much easier.  The finished product of washing, drying, ironing,  can now get to my closet and look brand new.

Thank you Powerlift Dumbwaiters and Dave Reite.  You sure have the best product out there on the market.  Best prices, also.  Only you could devise the "hanger bar".   You spoil me.


Elaine Gajarsky

New buttons received and installed – life is good again – better than ever as we have never been able to send from the top level to the third level and now we can!
Many, many thanks for accommodating this small nuisance issue – it is greatly appreciated.  And I must say, your support is excellent.  Our installation is about 12 years old and you have taken perfect care of us.  On the other hand, I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Microsoft’s tablet) that is 15 months old and just tried to order a replacement stylus for it – response from MS:  “Sorry, out of production”.  Wonderful customer support, don’t you think.
Anyway, many thanks again for the great support.
Terry Maher

Hi David.

Just want to thank you all for the Dumbwaiter. It is in, and working just fine! I love it!  What a blessing; saves me many trips up and down steps carrying things way to heavy for me. Little do you know how I thank God almost every day for the blessing of that little cart that goes

up and down for me.

Mele Manning

Dear Mr. John Reite

Thank you very much for coming to my home and adjusting my dumbwaiter, it has been three years since you 1st installed the unit and during this timeI have found you to be responsive well beyond what one could expect from a contractor.

Due to construction problems with the house itself, there was over a years time elapse between installing the dumbwaiter rail assembly & returning to complete the finish installation of the motor, push buttons, and door safety switches. When I called to tell you we were finally ready to install the motor, and finish up everything on the dumbwaiter, you were out within a day to complete the job.

Quite frankly I was concerned that due to the construction delay you would either be out of business, or want to charge additional costs, needless to say nether was true!!

Having dealt with many, many subcontractors & installers I am in a good position to commend you for your honesty, integrity, quality work, and outstanding follow through.

Should you have the need please feel free to list me as a reference. Believe me you will get an outstanding endorsement from me.

Thanks again John

Kenneth H. Nelson Ph. D
Loomis, CA

Dear Mr. John,

Thank you so much for your kind assistance in facilitating the repair of our dumbwaiter. Enclosed is your tool as promised. As it turned out, it was not the actual chain that broke but rather the small part that connected the two ends. Thank you for including several of these along with the chain link that you sent. The handyman had no trouble at all, as you predicted, in making the repair. Judging by the apparent stress on this small connector, my husband must have put to much weight in the cab - resulting in it’s break. He will try not to do this again. I particularly appreciate your help at this time, with all the hardship of my chemo. Even simple problems can become overwhelming at such times. Your ready willingness and generosity made my problem easier to deal with. Thank you sincerely.

With Warm Regards,
Beth Barlow

P.S. Sorry about using Mr. - I can’t bring myself to ignore my up-bringing.


The dumbwaiter is operating properly and your instructions cured the problem. It has worked for the last few days perfectly. I am glad I had the opportunity to work out a few problems with it. Your service is excellent, and I appreciate the help. Thanks again and I am pleased I purchased the unit from you. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.



The lift is a big hit with everyone. It was easy to install and works better than planned. You have a great product and an easy company to work with. Thank you for all your help, and for making the lift to our specifications.


Dan Stone Airstream Lean Manager.

To:  David Reite, Powerlift Dumbwaiters Corp.

From: Steve Ryan, American Material Handling Corp

Date:  November 23, 2010



Thank you for making a last minute change.  I appreciate it and so does my customer.  I have attached the signed change to unit 2, and also thank you letter from my customer so you and your associates can see that your efforts go a long way.

Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving to all!!!



Hey Steve,

I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for the help yesterday… sometimes it probably feels like you are getting pulled around, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for your patience.  In particular yesterday, your help with the dumbwaiter was irreplaceable.  You could have easily not been willing to see the importance of the issues I was concerned with, but instead you took interest in the matters and reacted to them quickly.  I’m sure it would have been easier to state it was too late for changes… how would I have known the difference.  Once again, “Thank You”… because of you hanging in there, the overall project will certainly benefit.

Thanks again,

Patrick Shea

Manufacturing Director / Facilities Manager

Nye Synthetic Lubricants

Please feel free to give anyone our number.  We absolutely love the unit.  We have had no issues whatsoever.  The machine was squeaking so I oiled the chase and everything is going good.  We would not know what to do without it.  It’s really helped our operation.  Our customers place their orders, and we use the dumbwaiter to bring the products down to the shipping / packing station.  It sure saves a lot of time, and wear-and-tear on our employees.  Definitely appreciate it!  We’ll be moving to a bigger warehouse soon, and plan to take the dumbwaiter with us.


Harold, The Duck Store, Eugene OR

August 17, 2006


Powerlift Dumbwaiters, Corp.

2444 Georgia Slide Rd.

Georgetown, CA  95634


Drs. Robert and Joanne Berridge

11403 Twain Drive

Montgomery, TX  77356


Dear Sirs:   (Sorry forgot your first name)


We are thoroughly happy with the dumbwaiter purchased from your company, for it has given us old guys a new lease on life.  No more hauling heavy bags or carrying many small items on many small trips up the steps.  Just about all items we carried up or down, i.e. dirty and clean clothes, trash, packages, and firewood, are no longer a challenge.

We were impressed with your forthrightness and willingness to answer our questions.  Your suggestions were helpful; for instance, your suggestion to expand the cage to accommodate the laundry baskets.  Everything from delivery to installation worked just as you said it would.  And putting the motor on top has worked well with the openings at floor level, making it possible to freely move items in wheeled carts in and out of the cage.

It has been a pleasure working with you and we have recommended you to friends and neighbors.



Robert Berridge

Hi, Guys


Hope all is well!  Got to tell you the dumbwaiter I bought from you is the best investment I made when building my liquor store!  The labor it saves when moving inventory from storage on to the sales floor is priceless and it has worked flawlessly since we installed it.


Randy Zuck

February 5, 2007



2444 Georgia Slide Rd

Georgetown, CA  95634

Attn: John Reite


Dear John,

A few years ago, you installed a dumbwaiter in my Folsom home.  I am very glad our general contractor suggested that we have your company install a dumbwaiter in our home.  We have used it as many as a dozen times in a day.  I am very happy to say we have had no problems with the installation and/or the operation of the dumbwaiter.


Thank you,

Roger and Betty Smith

Thank you for all your help in answering my multiple questions during the ordering process for the Powerlift 100 dumbwaiter.  You will recall that I was replacing a 35-year-old dumbwaiter, and your instructions worked out perfectly.  The shipment arrived exactly as scheduled, and it was all done by a competent handyman and his helper in a few hours simply by their following the clear instructions in the installation manual.  Neither of them had any prior experience with dumbwaiters or elevators.  They did not even need the help of an electrician.  When the last instruction was completed, they tested it, and everything worked perfectly!  There was no need to do any troubleshooting.


It has been a week since the dumbwaiter was installed, and my wife and I are extremely pleased with it.  It is about three times faster than the old one.  Also it was $5,000 less expensive than the quote by the local dumbwaiter dealer for a turnkey installation of a comparable dumbwaiter.  


Fitz Caudle

March 2017



We had a custom home built and decided to have a dumbwaiter installed to ease the transfer of items from our basement to our first level.  Our garage is under the house, has 14-foot ceilings and that makes for a lot of steps.  A corner of the garage is directly below our pantry.  So it was a simple modification to have the dumbwaiter built in.  Ordering was simple.  We provided the details; 14-foot ceiling means a little more dumbwaiter travel.  The dumbwaiter arrived in the promised timeframe and was well packed, no damage.  Easy to follow instructions, as the contractor had never installed a dumbwaiter before.  They (contractor) constructed the shaft, installed the motor and dumbwaiter.  We had the cabinet maker add two doors to fit the dumbwaiter openings.  So simple.  Worked on the first try.  Now, it's been well over two years of use - groceries, luggage, recyclables, you name it.  So much easier and smarter than lugging things up or down the two flights of stairs.  Best decision ever!


I think we called once or twice to ask questions about installation/operation, we got answers right away that solved our issues and always felt like support was just that phone call away.

Rick & Sandy Martin

Boo & Sasha too!!

I can't say it enough times and share my experience with you all at Powerlift Dumbwaiters, Inc. at just how amazingly well this has all gone. 

I was a little anxious at first, and in hindsight, that was all for nothing. From my first phone call, to this note from you yesterday... you have a FIRST CLASS operation and I hope you all share in the pride that what you are doing  is the "right thing" by your customers. I will promote your product and service fo many years!!! WELL DONE!

Have a great rest of 2017!

Daryn Klinginsmith

Timeless Concrete Design Studios

Wenatchee, WA

Dec 18, 2017

Hi Larry, thanks for the detailed, easy to follow instructions. My dumbwaiter works perfectly now. I appreciate the good service. Merry Christmas.


Mike DuBois 

Hi Karen,

We have been working on our home remodel for over a year.  We have dealt with many different people some bad, some OK, some good but Larry and Ruari were EXCELLENT.  It’s so nice to work with people that are knowledgeable, helpful with very quick response. 

Many Thanks,

Morris Funk

Craft House a 9 year old unit. The customer called us for service...

I wanted to wait to see how it did through the weekend, but everything seems to be working great with the dumb waiter.  Thank you so much for your patience and help getting it working again.  Hopefully you won't hear from me for another nine years. ;)  Have a great week!



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