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Mezz-Lift 300

Commercial and Industrial Material Floor Lift

If you need to effortlessly transport material around your commercial or industrial workplace, an industrial material floor lift from is an excellent solution. Our lifts are powerful, fast, and well built, so you can always rely on them to move the material that you need.

Commercial Material Floor Lift

These helpful pieces of technology are ideal for moving materials — such as construction materials — from floor to floor. We have a wide variety of lifts that we design and create, each with its own specifications and weight capacities. No matter the job that you need to complete, our lifts will help you finish it faster and safer.

Do you have a job coming up soon? Don’t worry — our lifts are designed to be installed in less than one hour.

For more information about our commercial and industrial material lifts, give us a call at 800-409-5438. If you would like to view our many lifts that we have available, continue to explore this page.

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